Everything You Need for Your Art in One Place


Serving Our Local Artists and Community

Bring your favorite artwork into our Palmer Location and we will frame it just the way you like. We offer high quality workmanship and excellent prices.

Custom Framing


10% Off Custom Framing

On Shane Lamb Pieces

Come in and choose from our wide selection of mats and frames. We can help you choose the style that works for you and complements your art and photography. 


Canvas Stretching

For Our Local Artists and Photographers

We have canvas stretching down to a science, and we can custom cut any size stretcher bars to fit the demands of your artwork.

For artists, we also offer everything from shrink wrapping and sleeving your prints to stretching your canvas.


Serving Our Local Artists at a Whole Sale Rate

The price of framing your art or photography will depend on the combinations you choose and the size of your piece.  Come in for a quote, or call for an estimate.

Canvas Stretching & Framing