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Photography by Alaskan artist Shane Lamb. For nearly 18 years I have visited this location on Byers Lake to photograph its uniquely beautiful views of Denali. On this particular day, the wind was quiet and the water was calm, providing nearly perfect reflections, something I have rarely seen on this lake in the afternoon. I was set up after a long hike, hoping to catch the perfect light on the mountain. After taking a few shots, I heard the sound of loud wing beats far up the lake and out of view. I thought to myself, “That sounds like swans!” In anticipation, I gripped my camera tightly and during the next few seconds witnessed the once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing a family of 6 swans flying in front of Denali, on the perfect day, with the mountain reflected in the water.

Denali Dreams (metal)

  • Unsurpassed vivid high definition quality metal prints represent a new luminescent medium for showcasing the beauty of photography. The images are infused directly into specially coated aluminum surfaces for a 3-dimensional look that is unsurpassed in detail and clarity. The durable, scratch-resistant surface is waterproof and can be easily cleaned with glass cleaner.

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