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Limited edition, fine art print by Alaskan artist Shane Lamb. The Alaskan bull moose is the largest North American Animal. Standing up to 7 ft. at the shoulders and weighing up to 1,700 lbs. it surpasses (slightly) even the largest polar and grizzly bears. Bull moose carry the largest antlers of any living animal with the world record spread measuring just under 7 ft., at 83 inches. Each year bulls shed and regrow their antlers. As the animal matures, its rack gets larger and adds more tines until it is shed, usually in December or January. The bull featured in “Into the Clear” was actually encountered by the artist in the wild and later accurately recorded for all to enjoy through this work of art.

Into the Clear (paper)

  • A fine art image printed on premium paper with high-quality inks.

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